Urine drug testing facts
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Urine drug testing facts

All You Need to Know About Urine Drug Testing Cheating Tips

6.11.2017 | James Laird

Tags: cheating drug test drug test cheating synthetic urine urine drug testing some of the important facts about drug abuse and drug testing.

Unfortunay, this substance is now widely used to replace real urine in order to “hide” the drugs in a personâ€s body. According to synthetic urine manufacturers, the strategy works because most testing centers hardly conduct genetic analysis on the specimen. Synthetic urine was originally designed to calibrate drug testing equipment in preparation for testing real human urine.

Myth 1: Passing a drug test is required in all companies that you plan to work in.

Would you really risk the chance of getting caught?.

Drug Tests 101 Everything You Wanted to Know About Screening

12.17.2017 | James Laird

Learn everything about drug tests, drug test kits, types of drug tests, and when, why you might have one, with some interesting stats, facts, and figures. Several drug tests, such as urine test or saliva/oral fluid tests can be easily done at home.

However, contamination from the surroundings is the major issue for hair testing. Even the smallest amount of a powder or smoke can get stuck into hair and could result in a false-positive test. While some renowned laboratories try to dismiss this claim but many experts believe that as compared to white hair, dark hair is a true magnet for contaminants making Asians, Africans, and Latinos more prone to false-positive results.

Saliva testing for drugs is administered to detect the presence of parent drugs.

7 Biggest Myths About Drug Testing High Times

3.8.2017 | Brianna Miers

No one wants to face a drug test, but anyone who tokes should be aware of some basic testing facts. You know, just in Myth #1 – All companies will require you to pass a drug test. Myth #4 – All drug tests are urine tests.

By Chris Roberts July 26, 2017.

By Robyn Griggs Lawrence July 20, 2017.

By John Kagia July 26, 2017.

By Jessica Delfino July 26, 2017.

Myth #2 – Drinking lots of water before a test makes it harder to detect THC.

Myth #1 – All companies will require you to pass a drug test.

Passive inhalation doesn’t bring enough THC into the system to register a positive, so no need to leave the room if someone lights up—but don’t be surprised if the temptation to smoke puts you in a dangerous situation.

Drug Testing Information

4.9.2017 | James Laird

Urine drug testing accuracy is variable depending on how the testing is done. Drug testing is extremely accurate and reliable when all aspects of the testing.

The detection times in urine are significantly greater than detection times in blood, which is also generally much more expensive. The presence of a drug or drugs in urine does not provide information as to whether the individual is actually under the influence at any particular time. Likewise, a urine drug concentration cannot be reliably correlated to blood concentration or dose.

Witnessed collections are not necessary and in fact are not as reliable as the digital measurement of temperature within 96 to 99 degrees.

Drug Test Facts - Drug Detection Time

7.12.2017 | Abigail Mackenzie

Facts: Substances that cause false positive drug test results. Drug Detection. Rest assured knowing, you can pass any blood, saliva, hair or urine drug test with.

What about well water? Yes, well water is fine as long as no chemicals are added.

Yes. This will help in identifying any false positive test results. Currently most companies will allow you to retest although in most cases it will be at your expense with you having to pay the cost of the second test. People who have never used drugs have tested positive for drugs because of inaccurate testing or from false positives. If you have failed a test give us a call at 1 800 733 4429 to learn more about drug testing and our drug cleansing products.