Use of valium
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Use of valium

Teen Valium Abuse

5.16.2017 | Abigail Mackenzie

As teens become more and more disconnected from the real dangers associated with Valium abuse, they become more and more likely to use.

Teens who cannot find the drug in the medicine cabinet may turn to the Internet for relief. According to a Columbia University study, a whopping 94 percent of sites that sell prescription drugs don’t require a prescription.

Experts recommend entering rehab programs for their addiction, rather than attempt to go through Valium detoxification on their own at home. Taking Valium on a regular basis is a bit like wrapping the brain in cotton, 24 hours per day.

Long-term use of Valium

6.17.2017 | John Carrington
Use of valium

Hi Everyone, I would like to hear from others out there who have been using/taking Valium for a long-time. I have been prescribed Solanax.

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